It looks to me like the cache tier has been changed; IIRC zope.org was
not in the cache tier I setup for Managed Hosting....and didn't have (at
least) 4 cache servers in it's request flow.

Yes. The cache tier has changed significantly, but the basic configuration is still the same.

It's been a long time, but IIRC we got rid of all caching for zope.org
where a cache header wasn't explicitly being set.

This is still the case. There's a refresh-pattern in place for the entirety of *.zope.org that should allow nothing without some sub-set of the proper cache control headers to be set. A valid subset would be at least a Last-Modified and either an Expires or a Cache-Control: max-age. Neither of these appear to be set, so that refresh pattern should be in effect.

Was the cache servers changed around? IIRC the zope.org tier only had 2 measly caches....and if they changed, I bet the rules where not changed
along with the cache servers.

It has, but mostly only in layout and some streamlining of the configuration. The basic rules you established are still in place, since we assumed you had good reasons for them. I haven't been following this discussion terribly closely, but I'll take a closer look at things this evening.

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