Well, trying to figure out what's changed...that would be the first
thing I'd check; just verify that the rules are indeed hitting the
requests. How long has this problem been evident? When did the changes
take place?  I presume awhile ago?

Most of the changes would've been some time ago, on the order of nine months to a year at least. I did make some changes, recently, a few weeks ago, but mostly just management stuff. I did find one refresh pattern that was commented out on the parents but not on the children, so I put that back in. Can someone who understand the parameters of the issue better than I do check and see if it's still being problematic? It's possible the change I just made fixed it, though I'd be somewhat surprised, since there's talk of things being cached for, like, several weeks and I don't see anything in the cache tier that would allow such a thing.

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