Shane Hathaway wrote:
Shane Hathaway wrote:

Jim Fulton wrote:

Thanks for the positive feedback. Fred Drake worked very hard
on this.  One thing we did right was to leverage distutils
ability to build binary releases.  I'm also encouraged by work done
at the recent PyCon sprints that someday we'll even have a packaging
system, for Python that will allow us to make installation of packages
much easier too.

FWIW, my original reason for trying Gentoo Linux was to evaluate its
packaging system, Portage, which is written in Python.  I intended to
grab ideas and incorporate them into a new packaging system, but Portage
turned out to be so good that I switched to Gentoo and stopped designing
my own system.  Portage also leverages distutils and can produce/consume
binary packages.

Have you thought about porting Portage, or something like it, for use as
a general Python package management system?

BTW, I'll give you an escape hatch. ;-)  Portage is licensed under the
GPL, which probably excludes it from the Python standard library.

Too bad. It's possible that is surmountable somehow.

I'm sure Fred is doing excellent work, but I'm having trouble seeing why
we need zpkgtools. Is it not sufficient to just "python
install" all of Zope 3?

I hope so. What zpkgtools does is to:

- Build our script (which we name for us based
  on meta data.  In that sense, it is a tool.

- Allow us more flexibility in deciding what a release is by allowing
  us to specify what to include in a release and make sure other things
  are included to make sure we distribute what we need.

Also, by providing dependincies as meta-data files, we:

- We are making design-level commitments about interdependencies, and

- We are taking a step towards being able to have an automated package
  system that will someday allow releases and updates to be smaller,
  more automated, and easier to keep up to date.

> I've been doing that with Zope 3 Subversion
checkouts and Twisted, even though I actually use less than 10% of the
code installed.  In fact, my co-workers are about to put such a system
into production.  The unused code causes no problems that I've detected.

Note that we plan to make the checkout zpkgtools-based evenually, so we don't have to maintain it.

I want to be very selective about what we put in a release. I only
want to release packages that we are willing to provide support for.
There are lots of packages in the repository that we haven't made
such a commitment for. zpkgtools gives us the ability to control
what we include.


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