Martijn Faassen wrote:
Jim Fulton wrote:

Well, libxml2/libxslt cannot be relicensed by me, so the MIT license will stay.

Of course. I don't think we should include those libraries in the release. I suggest we simply make those prerequisites of Zope 3.

Most 'nix platforms seem to have it already.  (I hope lxml doesn't
depend on particular recent versions.)

> If it helps to also license lxml under the ZPL besides the
existing BSD license, that shouldn't be an issue, though I myself do not comprehend why adversiting-clause-less BSD should be an issue; as far as I understood it could be safely combined with absolutely anything.

This issue is that users of Zope should have as few different licenses to deal with as possible. Some people care about IP issues and fewer different licenses is a significant advantage.


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