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Garrett Smith wrote:

Uwe Oestermeier wrote:

In the meanwhile we need a decision, whether the
ObjectContentModifiedEvent should be used in the File._setData
method. I  would like to check this solution in. Any objections? The
ObjectContentModifiedEvent class can be removed later on, if noone
else is using it.

-1 if ObjectContentModifiedEvent does't have a clear distinction from
ObjectModifiedEvent. For my part, I don't see a difference in
modifying a 'data' attribute because it's a large number of bytes,
versus modifying a 'title' attribute or some other non-'content'

If ObjectModifiedEvent isn't firewhen when a file's data changes, it
should be (assuming people buy my previous point :)

I think the distinction is pretty clear.

Clear enough after you explain it.

We divide information into ordinary/intrinsic and meta/extrinsic

IObjectContentModifiedEvent should indicate that intrinsic information
has changed.

IObjectAnnotationsModifiedEvent, which isn't well named, should
indicate that extrinsic/meta information has changed.

So we shouldn't see ObjectModifiedEvent being fired directly then. It
should be one of the two subclasses, correct? This is not the case
throughout zope/app.

Yup. Yup.


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