Jean-Marc Orliaguet wrote:
Maik Röder wrote:

Before endorsing the project I just need to be sure that there is
a healthy community.

catch-22 :-)  to have a healthy community you need a project that is not
just vapourware and more than just people with good intentions who'll
wait until others do something. You need commitment from all parts.

It's indeed a chicken and egg situation; healthy communities give people enough trust to do a commitment and commitment from people and organizations tends to build healthy communities.

The approach taken is that one party actually does something, shows commitment, is the one way out of this, the one way to start building a community. All we need to do besides make designs and code is keep the project open and willing to engage everybody, so the community building process takes place. This project certainly is doing this, so we just need to make sure we continue on this track and communicate this to everybody. :)

It'll also be easier to realize the community is healthy after it's been seen in action for a while.


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