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> Subject: [Zope3-dev] no subdirectories possible 
> withbrowser:resourceDirectory
> Hello,
> today, I was using the browser:resourceDirectory 
> ZCML-directive and found, 
> that it is not possible to serve resource-subdirectories (at 
> least I could 
> not make it work):
> For instance, I might have a resource directory "resources" 
> which contains 
> subdirectories "sub1" and "sub2". If I register resources with
>  <browser:resourceDirectory name="resources" directory="resources"  />
> files in resources are served just fine, but files in the 
> subdirectories are 
> not. I tried to register each of the subdirectories individually:
>  <browser:resourceDirectory name="resources/sub1" 
> directory="resources/sub1"  />
>  <browser:resourceDirectory name="resources/sub2" 
> directory="resources/sub2"  />
> but this didn't work either (still gives a 404).
> Of course, I can register the subdirectories and bind them to 
> top-level 
> directory names:
>         <browser:resourceDirectory name="resources/sub1" 
> directory="sub1"  />
>   <browser:resourceDirectory name="sub2" 
> directory="resources/sub2"  />
> but that makes it necessary to make tedious changes, if one wishes to 
> integrate resources like static html pages into zope3, which 
> were not written 
> for it in the first place. (I am aware, that it is better to 
> use apache to 
> server static content, but that requires a much more 
> sophisticated setup, 
> which might not be necessary for small sites or during development.)
> I was wondering, whether this behavior if resourceDirectory 
> is intentional 
> (which I simply don't understand) or if it is a real shortcoming.
> My suggestions for the resourceDirectory directive would be, 
> to add a boolean 
> attribute "recursive", which can be used to control, whether or not 
> subdirectories should be included. Also, I wonder, if one 
> could make the 
> "name" attribute optional and let it default to the value of 
> the "diretory" 
> attribute.
> I haven't done any Zope3 development yet, but if some of you 
> give me some 
> feedback and maybe point me into the right directions, I am 
> willing to look 
> deeper into that...
> Blessings,
> Mat

See our implementation of nested source directories at:

This implementation doesn't support a boolean, because perhaps you won't use
subfolders of your resource. e.g. use some external javascript
libraries packages. You have to register all sub folders by it's subpath.

I will move this to the z3 core after release 3.1 
if somebody is interessted to have it there.

Roger Ineichen

Projekt01 GmbH

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