Uwe Oestermeier wrote:

The fact that you can't get key references for persistent objects is a
pain.  I've thought a lot about that, but haven't come up with a good
(Phillip Eby suggested using GUIDs at one point.  I've always been a bit
suspicious of GUIDs myself.)

What's the problem with GUIDs?

They aren't guaranteed to be unique.  They are statistically
very unlikely to conflict, but that chance of a conflict makes
me nervous.  We tend to create a lot of these, so I think the chances
for conflict are higher than in many other applications.
A major component of variablility in guids is Mac or IP
address, which wil lbe constant on servers that may need to generate
millions of ids. <shrug>

Certainly, it should be possible to implement GUID-nased key
references, although you will need to store GUIDS on the objects.
Feel free to try it.  I'd be interested to see how well it works over
the long run.


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