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Jim Fulton wrote:

Stephan Richter wrote:

We will also require Python 2.4 for Zope 3.2, so feel free to use new Python features such as decorators.

How did we decide this?  Shouldn't we follow a proposal-based policy for
a change like this?

I would favor Python 2.4 for Zope 3.2, for two reasons:

* 2.4 has been out for a while now, and it will be out for a long time by the time december happens. Maintaining a Zope 3.2 for two python versions is a pain.

* zope.formlib wants Python 2.4, and I want zope.formlib to be part of Zope 3.2.

Note that this also effects Zope 2.  Starting with the next release,
the Zope 2 and Zope 3 will be released together.  Zope 2.9 will
include Zope 3.2.  If Zope 3.2 requires Python 2.4, then so will
Zope 2.9.

We can still go back to making Zope 2.9 contain Zope 3.1 instead. I still favor this approach where Zope 2.x trails one version behind Zope 3.x. Working with a stable Zope 3 version makes a Five developer's life easier, and we have less release dependencies to worry about.

And we have more Zope releases to maintain and less opportunity for
sharing applications between Zope 2 and 3. That's why I want Zope 2 to
use the current Zope 3 release.


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