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> Date: Wed, 24 Aug 2005 20:24:30 +0200
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> Subject: [Zope3-dev] [DRAFT] local portlets and perspectives

> It is built on the notion of "Perspective" (see the link) and on the
> idea of querying the catalog using triadic relations instead of joining
> sets of query results based on dyadic predicates (such as with RDF).

I've been looking for more info on Peirce relations since you mentioned
them to me in Paris, but I haven't found much.  This is a good one I've
found so far:


I like:

"""According to Peirce, ‘meaning’ is a triadic relation between a sign,
an object, and an interpretant. This triadic relation is not reducible
to a set of dyadic relations between a sign and an object or between an
object and an interpretant (CP 1.345). Meaning is never reducible to
Firstness or Secondness, but can only be a ‘genuine’ Thirdness. A
general meaning can always be found in ‘genuine’ triadic relations, but
can never be found in ‘degenerate’ triadic relations which have lost
their Thirdness."""

Word.  But it sounds to me from the description that follows that RDF is
a triadic relation, but I'm no semiotic phenomenologist.  Do you know of
more references on this subject?

Another thought, can a Peirce relation be meta-encoded in RDF?


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