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Jim Fulton wrote:

Hi Jim, here are the concepts defined:

It's too bad these aren't defined in a more perminent and referenceable

- A *theme* is a visual unity, when you go from to you
see that sites are using different themes. The includes, colors, styles,
icons, etc.

- Inside a same theme there are *pages*, pages use the styles defined in
the theme, but the layout may be different (3 columns -> 2 columns) from
one page to another. The rationale is that when you create a new page,
you want to be able to reuse the same styles.

  typically there is: the front page, the section page, the login
page ...

A page, as defined here, seems to be a template, as opposed to a page
a particular URL. I take it all section index.html pages use the same
theme pages.  The use of the term "page" here seems unfortunate.  If a
has a page for searching, would that also use the section page from
the theme?
Or would that use some other theme page?

a page has a "template" like a Zope Page Template, that would correspond
to the idea of layout.

Sure, but It still seems that a "theme page" fills the same role as a
template, in that it is meant to be used for many different page.

Let me put this another way. When you define a theme page, you aren't
saying anything about URLs.

it's as unfortunate as a name as the <browser:page /> directive that is
associated to a browser view, and a page template. But the idea is the same.

Not quite, AFAICT.  browser:page actually defines a page (e.g. "foo.html")
relative to an object type.

it is more like a browser page than a site's page in any case.. i.e. a
page that you see in your browser, the same "page" as in "PageMaker", a
canvas, a template, etc..

I don't understand this.  By "browser page", do you mean it is like
a page as defined by the zcml browser:page directive? Or like a
page that is displayed in a browser?

I think this is a critival point.  When I visit a URL on a section, say:


what determines which theme page is used?

there is a negociation, a default theme page to fall back to, but you
can specify the page to use in many ways; through a URL parameter,
?page=frontpage, through a cookie, through a session variable, by adding
a subscriber to IBeforeTraverse and set the page to a "calendar" page if
you enter a part of the site that has to doing with calendaring

Does the page ever depend on the thing being traversed?  Is there
a point where you'd say:

  "when traversing an IBar with the name foo.html, use the theme page
   named 'splat'"?

I'm having a hard time understanding the relationship between
objects, URLs and theme pages.


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