Oops, back on list, with updated subject line.

Thanks so much for the info, it is really good news!
Count me as another person interested in these upcoming Zope 3.2 changes.
Maybe in a few weeks I will be savvy  enough to help out in some way.

Would the Twisted integration work with Twisted Web2? I understand Twisted supports SSL out of the box,
which would seem to obviate the need for virtual hosting underneath Apache.

I think it is fine to add lxml as a core dependency. I personally think it is high time to add something like this directly to Python so we can continue to claim "batteries included" with a straight face. I was kinda hoping it would be PyXML and 4Suite, but libxml2/libxslt/lxml would be ok as well.


Gary Poster wrote:

On Sep 7, 2005, at 4:07 PM, Craeg Strong wrote:


Can you point me to someplace where I can find out more about the "WSGI pipeline" stuff?

Hi Craeg. WSGI is a Python PEP: http://www.python.org/peps/ pep-0333.html

See particularly


This is currently implemented by a number of projects (Twisted, a mod_python wrapper, WebWare, some other projects I think).

Specifically, I am interested in two things: a README or proposal or vision statement and
an estimated timeline.

Zope 3.2--time based release in December--will ship with Zope 3 as a WSGI application on top of a Twisted server. Today Stephan Richter checked in a number of changes he and Jim worked on recently for this, and Stephan has a Twisted branch that is working towards this goal. I'm personally pretty confident in getting there on time.

Does this have anything to do with cocoon2-style pipelines and XSLT?

As you see in the PEP, yes, it could be used for such a thing.

Additionally, Jim said today--on IRC maybe--that he also wants to have a pipeline between the request and the response within Zope 3.2 itself, so that the pipeline code there could leverage the component architecture. I'm not sure that's necessary, but it probably would be nice.

Jim has reviewed Cocoon for these changes, and plans to again before they are complete. He also tentatively wants lxml as a core dependency, which has XSLT in a nice API. A number of Zope 3 developers are interested in going that direction as one possible Zope 3 approach.

That said, I believe the changes here are to support XSLT and other similar approaches, not to necessarily offer them out of the box.

Did you mean for this to be off-list, btw? The information and discussion might be generally interesting


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