Stephan Richter wrote:
1. Parse the DSN to the various DB package formats. One of the big problems of Python's DB API is that it does not specify a unified connection mechanism, while Zope 3 does, which is a very good thing.

Oh :-( That sucks. Is there a DBAPI sig for python that we should be talking to about getting that fixed?

2. Advanced DA implementations support much more datatype conversion than the default database connection package.

Yes, but it's inconsistency between DAs on this front that causes problems...

For example, a good DB adapter should always ensure that all datetimes have pytz timezones associated with them.

Exactly, which is why that kind of stuff should be in a central place. What happens if a DA DOESN'T do this when someone is expecting it to?
(the other common problematic type is that of an SQL NULL)

This in particular is a functionality a generic Python library cannot provide, since Python does not commit to a particular timezone implementation.

...more's the pity ;-)

That said, surely it'd be a good thing if all this stuff was in one place for Zope 3?



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