On 9/22/05, Gary Poster <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> Is this zope.app.recorder?  I think so.  If so, it appears to be in
> the 3.1 branch, but not in the c3 release. :-/

I think Stephan already acknowledged this as a documentation bug.  It
can be fixed for the release w/out risk.

> While I'm delivering potentially bad/annoying news, using
> zopectl logtail
> in the release couldn't find the log file; you have to specify it, at
> which point any benefit over 'tail -F' evaporates (and also at which
> point the old behavior has changed, AFAIK).

This would require a code change, so (IMO) should be left as a known
bug.  It can (and should) be fixed in 3.1.1.


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