On Tuesday 11 October 2005 08:57, Martijn Faassen wrote:
> As goals for the site, at least the top level of it, I'd suggest
> marketing, and developer marketing primarily. We need to put across that
> Zope 3 is powerful, cool, easy, extensible, and built on the vast amount
> of experience with web application development that we have as the Zope
> community.
> Developer marketing also means that we need to demonstrate all the
> things Zope 3 can do for you, i.e. features.

The primary first goal was a collaboration site for us. But I think the goals 
you listed here should be considered as well.

> Developer marketing also means there needs to be quick access to easy to
> follow tutorials, and access to reference material when needed. We need
> to make the learning curve easier. In this sense the Zope 3 site will
> also have the goal of being tutorial and reference.

Yes, I agree.

> Another goal of the site could be to replace the current wiki, i.e. a
> tool used by Zope 3 developers to talk about proposals, designs, etc.
> This should however be carefully split off into a special section that
> people won't accidentally stumble into. We don't want a newbie to browse
> around and unexpectly run into a half finished proposal on
> ContainerAdapterSecurityProxyFactoryRegistration. :)

That's what wikification is for. You can simply turn it on and off as you 

> Anyway, I'm volunteering to help out with the text and basic
> organization of this site.

Great! We have no thought much about structure at all, so if we could start 
another thread discussing it, that would be great! I personally have no 
preference. For me the current layout of the Zope 3 developer wiki is 95% to 
what I want. :-)

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