On Tuesday 11 October 2005 13:24, Jeff Shell wrote:
> I'd really like to give Zope 3 a try, and I keep trying to. The docs
> are just nauseating. They might look good or fine to someone who's
> used Zope for years, but to someone new they're horrid. As I
> mentioned, the site is laid out horribly for someone who wants to
> learn Zope 3. Why is the left bar saturated with links when I just
> want Zope 3?
> It's incredibly frustrating and disappointing to hear about all the
> cool stuff you can do in Zope 3, and not see anywhere that shows it
> actually being done with descriptions on how it works, etc. Where are
> the examples? Where are the recipies to "do cool thing X"?
> The developers I see talk about Zope are all in companies that use
> it, that have teams that use it, that have tons of actual knowledge
> that doesn't exist on the website. I really really want to give Zope
> 3 a spin, I have a few fairly complex projects I'd like to try out
> with it. How do I get started?

I would say, buy the books. It is too hard to keep documentation up to date, 
if you do not get paid. The alternative are doctests of course, which we have 
available as mentioned in my previous mail. Again, I think it is a lack of 
manpower, my own included. I would love to update the Web site to the version 
of my book that has actually been printed, but I just do not have time. All 
it needs is someone to merge the stupid DOC files to the TeX master documents 
and it would be online. Note that I already put them in a zope.org-based 
repo, so anyone can work on that task.

Stephan Richter
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