Janko Hauser wrote:

Am 21.11.2005 um 12:15 schrieb Martijn Faassen:

My recommendations for any guidelines would be:

* use namespace packages, so nothing (or very minimal stuff only, like a few imports) in __init__.py. I think this is recommended practice outside of Zope 3 as well, so we should stick with this. Twisted seems to have small or empty __init__.py packages for instance, and so does PEAK, to compare with some other large frameworks in Python.

* use interfaces.py and put interfaces there unless there's a very good reason it should be private (which is rare).

I'm in support of all the suggestions Martijn has written. As a small addition I sometimes use a subdirectory interfaces with some modules, when I have many classes with different concerns in a namespace. But in the interfaces subdirectory I use __init__.py to import everything, so that for interface imports elsewhere it looks all the same.

I strongly suspect that when you do this, you should really split the package


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