On Wednesday 23 November 2005 16:41, Martin Aspeli wrote:
> I think there needs to be a solution for making quick, preferably TTW  
> customisation of UI templates. As Tres pointed out, this shouldn't add a  
> performance overhead and lead to maintenance woes for those who know what  
> they're doing. Ideally, the site admin should be able to switch this off.  
> Or even, the view creator should have to turn it on (e.g. by using a ZCML  
> directive that makes a template TTW customisable. Or something). I know  
> this strays away from best practice, that people will slap in crazy  
> python: statements in TAL etc. Having a way of dumping this stuff to  
> "real" views would be good, even necessary. But I think ignoring these  
> users because the approach that's most accessible to them doesn't fit with
>   the purity of our framework will seem to them elitist, and it'll probably
> drive more people to ruby-on-rails, who sell themselves on how easy it is
> to get started.

You should have a look at CPSSkins for Zope 3 (developed by the Z3ECM 

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