On Thursday 24 November 2005 00:57, Benji York wrote:
> > not too long ago the Zope 3 repository was strongly advertised as a
> > place for people to put their Zope3-related software so that it would
> > be kept up to speed with refactorings and such. If that offer was for
> > non-Zope-core software, it should especially be good for Zope itself.
> I think the time has come for this to change.  With a maturing code base
> and with systems like BuildBot we should be able to assure cross project
> testing (between Zope 2, Zope 3, and non-core projects).

Right, Jim's main motivation for getting buildbot set up was so that we could 
do cross-project testing. Zope3/ should no longer be seen as a dumping place 
for add-on packages, including zwiki and bugtracker.

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