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Stephan Richter wrote:
I will always vote -1 on such a move. I just simply punishes all those early
adopters of Zope 3 and throw it in their face. Great appreciation!
You know I can turn this around and say that by focusing all development on 
Zope 3, the
Zope development team left Zope 2 out there to die in its old ways of doing 
despite the fact that some sort of transition capabilities were promised for a 
long time
(maybe I needed to remind of you of this...). A rewrite from scratch is always 
easy, but
dealing with the transition and deprecations is the hard work which is now left 
up to
people who were early adopters of Zope *2* and hoping for that promised 
transition. Great

Philipp, I can't take that answer for bare, you are supporting the hick-hack too. Both parts had the opportunity to choose their strategies (Marketing/Business/Short term versus Technology/Long term). All strategies have cons and pros:

1. The spliting of the zope-community started when different frameworks like Plone, Silva etc. were pushed. We could observe in Switzerland two parties: the 'framework' developers and other zope developers. The latter regonized that all those frameworks can never be frameworks for a broad adoption in different fields and therefore they will never be a satisfying technical solution for envolving (long run) business domains.

2. At that time some people started to support Zope 3, because they recognized the true potential of Zope 3 and they assessed that only Zope 3 is able to hold the technological long term assurance and is able to hold the community together on a fundamental framework layer (Sharing packages and code). Some decided to go this 'idealistic' way and it was a trip through the desert (and the others had a nice time to make business ;)

3. This year we wanted to re-embrace the Zope-Community in Switzerland introducing the new technology (One of our idealistic targets). Therefore we organized 9 Zope 3-Mini-Sprints to close the gap between Zope 2 and Zope 3 developers. But - and that is an empiric fact and not an assumption - most of the established Zope 2 developers gave a shit about Zope 3: They never visited such a sprint or they stayed consequently in their waiting position until Zope 3 is finished/stable/usable. Most of the participants were customside 'framework' super users/developers that were interested in the new technology, because they were kind of tired of the 'framework' marketing fairy-tales.

4. Now the Zope 3 framework is stable and all people discover the fruits on the tree... Zope 3 dudes will enjoy their paradise, because they have a product that fullfills the marketing fairy-tales much better. The others have to make efforts to close up and fill the gap.

In the end the amount of work is constant even though there were different ways (strategies). Are you physicist, aren't you? ;)


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