Martijn Faassen wrote:

Jean-Marc Orliaguet wrote:

I think you're mixing the notions of "community" and of "community of interests".

I don't think that the goal is to merge communities, the goal is to make good software and not have different entities fight on framework technologies. It is to stir common *interests* in the technology.

On the technical level CMF is used by many, but still different communities. Five is a community project used by different communities. This also shows that technology merge does not entail community merge, because everyone comes with different goals, backgrounds, and this is sound.

Python is a community project, not everyone who uses python is in the same community (reads the same mailing-lists, go to the same conferences, develop with zope or twisted, ) even though there is a strong community of interests.

I think that you want technology merge in the first place, and not force people into communities through technology.

How do you know what I want?

That's an expression. I don't mean "you" in particular. It's like saying "people" want to, "one" wants to, "you want to" ...

I indeed do not understand your point. I'm not sure you understand mine, as you seem to be partially telling me things I already understand, and partially arguing with things that aren't my position.



I don't think it's very important; it was just a point of view that I was expressing for the sake of the analysis trying to separate community issues from technological issues (trying to not put everything in the same bag). But sure, if every technology is to be considered as a social project with the goal to change people's mind, then there is no reason to make any difference between the two. I think you're giving to the word "technology" more meaning than I do.

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