Jean-Marc Orliaguet wrote:
I think you're mixing the notions of "community" and of "community of interests".

I don't think that the goal is to merge communities, the goal is to make good software and not have different entities fight on framework technologies. It is to stir common *interests* in the technology.

On the technical level CMF is used by many, but still different communities. Five is a community project used by different communities. This also shows that technology merge does not entail community merge, because everyone comes with different goals, backgrounds, and this is sound.

Python is a community project, not everyone who uses python is in the same community (reads the same mailing-lists, go to the same conferences, develop with zope or twisted, ) even though there is a strong community of interests.

I think that you want technology merge in the first place, and not force people into communities through technology.

How do you know what I want?

I indeed do not understand your point. I'm not sure you understand mine, as you seem to be partially telling me things I already understand, and partially arguing with things that aren't my position.


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