Benji York wrote at 2005-11-25 11:17 -0500:
> ...
>They are clear in what they say, but they do not say that a user of 
>zope.testbrowser shouldn't depend on them and that they may go away at 
>any time.  Even if it did I don't think that would be sufficient, I 
>don't think the docs should mention mechanize (or any other unofficial 
>parts of the API) at all.  I wonder what other's opinions are on this.

I do not share your opinion.

As a rare case, I am with Chris:

  If an essential use case (testing file uploads seems quite essential)
  requires a feature that is there only tentatively,
  then this tentative feature should be documented with
  the warning that it may be replaced (by something better) in the

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