Martijn Faassen wrote:
> My proposal is to recommend the use of i18n:translate for ZPT
> translation only, and let the ZPT engine automatically translate
> messages when they come from Python.


Godefroid and now Martijn managed to convince me on this one :).

Basically, like Martijn, I've come to the thinking that i18n:translate
should only be used for one case: Translating a user message that is
defined in ZPT.

That means that in the long term, i18n:translate in combination with
tal:content/tal:replace should be deprecated. tal:content/tal:replace
would perform auto-translation of message ids anyway. This again means
you'll have to turn every string fed to ZPTs from the outside into a
message id first to have it translated. That's some explicitness we're
retaining, but we're making it a lot easier on the template author. He
or she only worries about the messages in ZPT, not the ones that are
obtained from somewhere else.

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