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Not that XML will magically make it easier (thought it may make it more familiar, and potentially be more compatible with existing toolchains), but the big danger is that some day you'll want to look at some tutorial or example or work with someone else's code (Chris W's code, say :-) that uses ZConfig or whatever else because said person didn't like XML for religious reasons. Yipes, new syntax, more learning curve. And totally unnecessary.

Okay, just because everyone seems to be ignoring the point, I'll say it a third time ;-)

You already have to know both .conf and .zcml to use Zope 3. I'd prefer that to only be .conf for exactly the reasons you give above.

I'm highly +1 for replacing things that currently use ZConfig with ZCML and highly -1 on making ZConfig an optional alternative to ZCML at the developer's whim.

I would favour the opposite.
.conf has been around for a lot longer than .zcml...


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