After I checked in code into the Zope 3 repository this week, I never saw corresponding notifications posted to the zope3-checkins mailing list. I don't think I saw notifications for my checkins during 2005, either.

Note that notifications have a "from" header matching the email address of the person checking in. My wild guess is that:

1. The zope3-checkins list disallows posts from people not subscribed to the list.

2. Subversion thinks my address is still [EMAIL PROTECTED], but that address no longer exists.

3. Mailman is bouncing my checkin notifications back to [EMAIL PROTECTED], so I never see the rejection notices, either.

If I'm right, the list is rejecting posts from anyone who doesn't happen to be subscribed. My suggestion is that checkin notifications should have a generic "from" header like "[EMAIL PROTECTED]". Some other header can have the email address of the person checking in.

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