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This separation is artificial. I've never seen a single Zope
installation  where a system administrator had to care about Zope
configuration issue.  There was always a Zope developer in charge to
deal with configuration  issues.

Those of us developers who have been in this case might not like that to
always be the case.  :)  I'd like to live in a perfect World also.....

Depends on the ratio developers : sysadmins. If it is 50:50 them the separation is ok. IMO it is 80:20 :-) But that's only my personal estimate.


For us working in large organisations (and here I am bluntly assuming that using Zope in large organisations is OK, if you guys don't mind) then this kind of statment makes no sense.

Sure, perhaps you guys never have experienced a situation where there are 2-4 developers and 10-12 sysadmins, however that does not mean that your own (in this sense "limited") personal experience constitutes some kind of universal truth.

In large organisations where deployment is actually a big deal, then the developers are far fewer than the sysadmins, and there are logistical and resource problems atteched to forcing the developers become an essential part of the on-going sysadmining tasks.

Developers are a scarse resource and need to be foucused oin developing things. Sysadmins need to allowed to have a low entry barrier to Zope system administration.

My humble 0.02 €


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