Jean-Marc Orliaguet wrote:
What is the fundamental difference between ZConfig and ZCML apart from the esthetic appearance that everyone seems to be so concerned with? I see that all the attributes in the ZCML format are presented as elements in the ZConfig format.

My point exactly ;-)

what does this imply *semantically* to put the information in attributes as opposed to put it in elements? maybe a better balance is needed between full-fledge attribute-based design (ZCML) and full-fledge element-based design (ZConfig).

there is an article about the element vs attribute distinction that might be worth reading.

As I said earlier, I think XML is wrong for configuration for exactly this kind of reason... element-based is right for this type of config, it's why Apache uses, it's why Zope 2 uses it, and it's why Zope 3 uses it for the .conf file...

...some might even say it's bizarre to suddenly switch to a different language just because you're going off to include another .conf file, as site.zcml is from zope.conf...



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