Stephan Richter wrote at 2006-1-26 10:16 -0500:
>On Thursday 26 January 2006 10:04, Jim Fulton wrote:
>> Every change I've ever been involved with has been extremely painful.
>> I can't even explain well what made it painful because I didn't really
>> understand what was going on and needed help from Fred.  Maybe someone
>> would make the same comment about ZCML, although I've had a lot of positive
>> feedback on the ZCML extension mechanisms.  <shrug/>
>Extending ZConfig is tough

Chris and me find it easy...

> but ZCML meta directives and 
>schemas are so easy to use.

I do not yet know ZCML...

When I have read your book I was scared away from ZCML by the
amount of namespaces and directives -- in addition that
I do not like the XML hype (that part that seems to imply that as soon
as something is XML it is also easy and well understood).

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