On Feb 11, 2006, at 9:24 AM, Martin Aspeli wrote:
I'm told that the ZODB is the de-facto way of storing content. Maybe soon the default may be a filesystem. Mmm...

My feelings are that there should be a "classic" Zope 3 release which is exactly what exists now (it should make the assumption that ZODB is present and the root object of the publication lives there, present a management interface, etc.) and there should be a "light" Zope 3 release which is really just "BoboNG" which makes no assumptions about the publication object. Jim did some work on this last year. IMO, this would be Zope 3 without anything that currently lives in zope.app.

The reason for the "light" version would be to make it easier for people who don't necessarily buy in to the ZODB or schema-based content or through the web management, etc. to start using Zope gradually without needing to bite all of it off at once.

I think the "filesystem-traverser" Shane is referring to might be packaged as a plugin to one of these versions or the other. It would just be a package which defines the publication root object as a filesystem traverser. Making it optional and shipping it separately from Zope 3 would decouple things appropriately, IMO.

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