Philipp von Weitershausen wrote:
Hi there,

a while back I wrote a proposal on simplifying the skinning system
( I got a lot of useful
feedback which in turn made me update the proposal. Since then I haven't
heard much comments. I would like to start implementing it soon,
especially since the time schedule has been moved up one month. Please
speak up now if you got any remaining comments.

Hi Philipp,

I really appreciate your efforts in simplifying skinning.


In CMF things are very easy to understand, because a layer is simply a folder. I can explain that in five minutes to a template programmer.

Maybe this sounds a bit NAIVE, but would it be possible to make it like in CMF?

Use case: Integrate an existing application into my Web site, e.g. a forum.

1. Create a folder for the customized forum skin

$ mkdir forum-skin

2. Register this folder


3. Customize everything from original forum skin

$ cd forum-skin
$ vi *

This is oversimplified, I know :)

Another note: when I see this I feel a cold shudder:


Quite a lot of typing for one GIF!?

Just my two cents.


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