Jean-Marc Orliaguet wrote:
Balazs Ree wrote:

On Wed, 15 Feb 2006 16:41:36 +0100 Martijn Faassen wrote:

Are you interested in recovering some of there Zope TAL based
regex stuff from Sapling? I'd be happy to merge it in. ctal
doesn't appear to have this yet.

I must have a look, of course any enhancement would be great - and
since the main user at the moment is Jean-Marc, I would be
interested in his opinion.

if it doesn't slow things down or add features that are not really needed, I think it's fine, but maybe an explanation would be good as
to what it does?

It basically does the same thing as ctal does, except less (no
tal:repeat for instance, though I did have a simple tal:define), and it
isn't going anywhere. I dabbled with it a few years ago as I thought it
was an interesting idea and I just wanted to play a bit with javascript.

It had unit tests, and the regex stuff that I was referring to may be
interesting - it ports the regexes from Zope's TALES to Javascript so
that the parsing of tales expressions works the same.

This is the module that has the regex bits, ported directly, if I recall correctly, from Zope's python code:

I really think that the best way to add features is to create a
sample applications and see what's missing in the language or what
feels unnatural or too complicated to achieve, but basically if a
missing feature forces you to move the logic to the data model, it is
definitely not a missing feature. I believe that ZPT is too much of a
scripting language.

Sure. I'm not sure whether the regexes are useful, just would be nice if
they didn't go to waste after all. :)

also I think that one namespace is enough (no "context/title", "request/user"), but use "title" and "user" instead ... extra
namespaces in a template are a sign that the view has not done a good
job at preparing a data structure for the template to render it.

Hm. If I'm rendering a bunch of records to a HTML table, say, I'd prefer my records to be in a list, and the records themselves give access to further details.

More in general, it's possible that some template will receive two sets of data that's quite separate from each other. I like namespaces then too. You can of course always argue that such a template should be factored into multiple smaller ones, though the question remains how they'd each receive only their data and not the rest.


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