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In both your emails, tracebacks would be helpful.

Yep.  :)

verifyObject/verifyClass (almost?) always gives the name of the part of the interface that it found lacking. It is sometimes hard to parse the exception, I grant. Care to give the tail end of the traceback and the interface?

I'm doing it play-by-play from a book, and unfortunately I don't have the code to reproduce it. But as far as I can remember, it just said that the class or instance didn't verify against the interface, without any explanation of which attribute or method it was failing on, which could've been a good thing to know.


The three sorts of exceptions that the verify methods will raise are 'DoesNotImplement' (you didn't actually declare the object to implement/provide the interface; no name is appropriate), 'BrokenImplementation', and 'BrokenMethodImplementation' (both of which include a name, AFAICT in the code). Maybe you got a "DoesNotImplement"? I could see how it might be confusing.

These sorts of questions should probably go to zope3-users, btw.

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