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| OK, some initial, fuzzy comments:
| On 2/27/06, Jim Fulton <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:

|>2) In an alternate vision, Zope 2 evolves to Zope 5.
|>   - Zope 5 will be the application server generally known as Zope.  It
|>     will be backward compatible (to the same degree that Zope 2
|>     releases are currently backward compatible with previous Zope 2
|>     releases) with Zope 2.  Zope 5 will similarly be backward
|>     compatible with Zope 3 applications built on top of the current
|>     Zope 3 application server.
|>     Note that Zope 5 will leverage Zope 3 technologies to allow a
|>     variety of configurations, including a Zope 2-like configuration
|>     with implicit acquisition and through-the-web development, and a
|>     Zope 3-like configuration that looks a lot like the current Zope
|>     3 application server.  Maybe, there will be a configuration that
|>     allows Zope 2 and Zope 3 applications to be combined to a
|>     significant degree.
| This overwhelms my complexity sensor. :-)
| I like the vision of Zope2 becoming a set of extra packages you
| install for Zope3, to get backwards compatibility. Maybe this is the
| same as what you call Zope 5, maybe not.

I vote for this one.
There's already Five product to help Zope2 products to become to be
Zope3 compatible. Now, it's to Zope2 developpers to do the
migration step.

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