On Mar 1, 2006, at 11:31 PM, Shane Hathaway wrote:

Chris McDonough wrote:
[...]  the process of  identifying
dependencies and eliminating the silly ones is the valuable work here, and it seems to be getting done by embracing egg packaging, which is really wonderful.

Such a gushing endorsement! Now I feel guilty for not having tried eggs yet.

Heh. Actually when I used the adjectival prepositional phrase "which is really wonderful", I meant to refer to the "valuable work" and not "egg packaging". I really should have said "the valuable work of identifying dependencies is really wonderful, and it seems to be getting done by embracing egg packaging". Eggs are pretty wonderful too, but the dependency identification and nominal enforcement by making packages buildable outside of the natural SVN tree is really the important bit for us.

Portage does packaging so well that I have to remind myself that other people still have packaging problems. ;-) Unfortunately, Portage is an all-or-nothing solution.

Eggs are the shiny new driver (due to a way to specify dependencies and automatic dependency resolution via easy_install) but no matter which packaging system we use, I'm very happy that we're doing the work of splitting things into smaller bits. I believe it might give Zope a new lease on life.

- C

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