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Is a proposal for using ConfigParser, rather than ZConfig for high-level

Comments welcome.


The right way would be to refactor ZConfig and decouple it in a reasonable way from its dependencies.

I think this would be a major rewrite.

> ZConfig is a very smart module to
define configurations and to verify configuration files. Replacing ZConfig with a very dumb format and moving more complexity (verification, argument conversion etc.= into the app layer is the wrong way. Apps should not have the need to deal with such low-level issues.

They have to deal with it now, but now it's really hard.  I think that a simpler
approach would allow much simpler configuration support.  To extend ZConfig now,
you have to create XML schema descriptions, and have deep knowledge of how
ZConfig works.

Why do you think it's better to have to create a monolithic schema for all
applications bits that want to use the configuration file, rather than letting
individual applications define how to read their own data independently?

There could still be frameworks to make handling configuration data easier.


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