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Sorry, working offline, can't check, hope I haven't missed anything crucial :-S

Is a proposal for using ConfigParser, rather than ZConfig for high-level

Comments welcome.

This smacks of re-invention for the sake of it. I happen to like ZConfig a lot. The way it's used in Zope 2 is a little unpleasant, admittedly, but I think it makes a fine configuration language.

The xml required for the schema is pretty trivial if you're coming from zcmhell...

I must be missing some big reasons why you'd want to use an inferior config language and rewrite a big chunk of working, battle tested software, but I guess that's in the proposal..

Anyway, a big -1 from me, especially given the backwards compatibility issues prople like myself, with MailingLogger and a number of ZConfig-based, and Dieter, with his NNTP server and doubtless other things, will face.

Fred, FWIW, I was really really happy to see that generic section go into the schema, I just haven't had a chance to use it yet...



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