Jim Fulton wrote:
Have you written a ZConfig schema?

Yup, a few, as well as adding a couple of options to zope.conf, which totally abuses ZConfig :-/

Have you tried to read the
documentation on writing one?

Yup :-)

Have you writtem an application
that uses ZConfig?

Yup, couple...

If you had, I think you'd know what I was
talking about.

Well, admittedly, it's been a while since I wrote the schemas for MailingLogger (although that had to be updated for Zope 2.8) and an even longer while for Process (http://www.simplistix.co.uk/software/applications/process) and X2Y (http://www.simplistix.co.uk/software/applications/x2y) but I don't remember it being particularly painful.

X2Y, in particular, is quite an extensive app with lots of plugins, each with their own schemas, and I just had a look at the schemas again now and find them pretty easy to understand.

I must be missing something... is there something particularly complex that you're doing?

These aren't due to new features added and discarded.  This is
generally due to refinement based on experience.

potato / potato - tomato / tomato...

Hmmm, that doesn't work so well when it's written down :-/

I don't know what you are asking, since I said in this thread and in
the proposal that we could support the old format.


I assume this was done because it's too much of a PITA to write ZConfig

I think you assume wrong there...

Oh? What evidence do you have?  Do you think it was done because
meaningless options are considered a good thing?

I would assume it's because someone saw an abstraction that wasn't really there, as with cache managers in Zope 2.

But, that's just an assumption and likely to be wrong. svn blame may be more useful here...

Well, maybe they could use ZConfig? Has anyone asked them?

Why don't you do that.

I presume http://www.webwareforpython.org/archives/list/paste-users.en.html would be the right place?

In fact, why don't you lobby to
have it added to the standard library?

Sure, I'll give it a go, but if there's already several in there, I can see people being reluctant, even if the ones that are in there are inferior :-/

Still, Guido did eventually admit HTMLParser.py, so there's some hope :-)



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