Chris Withers wrote:
Stuart Bishop wrote:

the Z3 configuration. This was with Zope 3.0 and integrating our config with
the Z3 config was quite problematic.

What were the problematic bits?

We lost a fair bit of flexibility doing it this way. Field validation needs
to be done the ZConfig way.

How would you prefer to do it?

Budding in:

It would be nice to be able to use Zope schema for
conversion and validation.  ZConfig was developed at
around the same time as Zope schema.  The ZConfig developers
fealt they couldn't wait and reuse the work on zope.schema.
and developed their own schema  system.  It sucks to have
to maintain 2.  It's also a pain for people who might want
to use ZConfig's to have to figure out another.  ZConfig
obviously "fits your brain". It doesn't fit mine at all.


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