Jens Vagelpohl wrote:

From the old testrunner, which I miss *a lot*, I could ensure I am indeed running a specific module by doing...

Yup, this is one of the things I like least from the Zope 3 world. What happened to proposals and community agreement before inflicting big changes on other people who're trying to help out?

I particularly hate the fact that no real effort was put into backwards compatibility, not to mention those silly weird sort-of-fifty-dots-per-line thing that doesn't actually work.

My other big bug bear is what I've read about make-make-install no longer working in 2.9. Why on earth was this just broken without any thought to the vast number of people who rely on this as a simple way to quickly get a new release onto a number of boxes?

I've been very happy to see the majority of the stuff in Zope 3, but it seems some things like this are getting rushed through without a lot of thought and consideration, which seems very un-zope-3 to me :-(


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