[Fred Drake]
> I just tried building the Zope 3 trunk with the Python 2.5 alpha 2
> that was released a few hours ago.  Unfortunately, the testrunner dies
> in the standard library.  This is probably related to changes in the
> optparse module; it was updated shortly before the release to the
> latest Optik release.
> I don't have time to look into it right now, but if someone does, it
> would be good to figure out if this is a problem in optparse, or in
> the way we're using it.

I can fix it, but that's still a good question.  In Zope3's
testrunner.py, just change

    '--at-level', 1,


    '--at-level', '1',

in the default_setup_args list literal.  At the end of your traceback,
`val` was the integer 1, but optparse expects to be crunching a string
at that point:

File "/home/fdrake/plat/linux/lib/python2.5/optparse.py", line 394, in
   if val[:2].lower() == "0x":         # hexadecimal
TypeError: unsubscriptable object
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