Hey Stephan,

I'd have there one idea that may be not so easy to implement, but
would help a lot for developers of Z3 and even python.
The idea is to dynamically reload modules while running the app.
The most beautiful solution would do this by looking at the last
modified date of the .py file. If it changed since the last load,
reload it again, run the current code.
I personally am tired of restarting z3 each time I made an error even
if it is just one char mistype. I'm doing now a wx based app, and the
problem is the same... made an error, restart, click 10 times...
It would be also a way to have a developer version which might run

I found some related solutions (ideas, snippets)on the net, but none
of them seem to fit the picture _perfectly_.
Have a look at pythomnic, it is doing a kind of fault tolerant system
with python. With a sideeffect that for application code upgrade or
modifications you don't have to shut the app down. I can't imagine how
the folks at Google are dealing with system updates, but this module
makes some efforts in this direction. Just the usage is not so friendly.


Saturday, May 6, 2006, 9:10:45 PM, you wrote:

SR> Hey everyone,

SR> Nate sent just a message that I am interested in a SoC project with the 
SR> Foundation. Okay, let me write something too.


Best regards,
 Groszer Adam
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