Jim Fulton wrote at 2006-5-9 07:22 -0400:
> ...
>     Finally, there's a lot of interest in generating configuration
>     actions in Python, rather than ZCML.  I suspect that avoiding
>     XML processing, conversion, and validation might speed startup
>     quite a bit.

Moreover, if the component performs is own reregistration
on reload, the Z2 refresh may be possible as well.

We use the Z2 refresh all the time and are very satisfied.
Of course, with a component (i.e. "Product" in Z2), all dependent
components have to be refreshed as well. We do this with a little
tool of ourselves. With a decent dependancy spec, almost all
refresh behave as expected.

> ...
>I'm really not interested in a reload faclity, like the one commonly
>used in Zope 2, that is not robust.  I've wasted too many hours
>helping people debug problems that were caused by reload misshaps.

I hear of very few problems here.

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