Hi Gael, Bernd

Bernd and I added the z3c repository as a kind of
Zope3 community repository at the last swiss easter sprint.

I guess your package is a good thing to have it there.

We do not have any restriction for packages which are 
located in this repository, except that they should follow
the ZSCP standard which defines only quality aspects.

I'm interessted to put it to this location if you like.

What do you think? Did you allready implement such a package 
for your projects. 

Roger Ineichen

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> Subject: [Zope3-dev] image libraries implementation in zope3 ?
> Hi zope3 coders,
> image transformation is a common task for web developpers.
> i've created a package to make them stop reinventing the 
> wheel each time they need to resize an image or something else.
> this package provides an IImageTransformer adapter to adapt an IImage.
> IImageTransformer use a named IImageLibrary utility to 
> transform the image.
> i've already implemented an ImagingLibrary for PIL and an 
> ImageMagickLibrary for ImageMagick but you can implements, 
> register and then use your own IImageLibrary.
> the default IImageLibrary used by IImageTransformer is 
> configured via zcml.
> this way you don't have to take care which library is used 
> when you resize/rotate your image.
> i'd realy like to see this in the zope3 core or at least in a 
> z3c/zf package.
> my package is named imagelib and is located in lib/python actualy.
> i'm sure my code isn't perfect but it's a good starting point 
> for you guys to implement this.
> i don't have write access to the zope repository so if you're 
> interested in this package, i will send it to someone with 
> write access.
> i join my doc test file to this email.
> regards,
> --
> Gael 

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