Martijn Faassen wrote:
> Gary Poster wrote:
>> On May 24, 2006, at 11:56 AM, Jim Fulton wrote:
>>> Christian Theune wrote:
>>> ...
>>>> Hooray. Now, all the moves have happened already. Does someone know
>>>> of a good and reliable way to find all the things we broke?
>>> Sure, release 3.3 final and wait for the reports to come in. ;)
>> FWIW, most or all of the packages in the collector issue's list
>> actually have deprecation pointers in the trunk.  Perhaps this is a
>> packaging issue?
> Hm, indeed - Schooltool basically worked after the whole module move,
> except for a few breakages in API which I quickly fixed on the trunk.
> Given this, I'm surprised you find so many broken imports all of a sudden.

Because Christian was using the 3.3beta release which, due to an
oversight, did not bundle the BBB packages for the moved packages. Hence
he got ImportErrors instead of DeprecationWarnings. You guys probably
used the Zope 3 checkout which obvioulsy includes everything.


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