Jim Fulton wrote:

On Jul 11, 2006, at 8:05 AM, Patrick Gerken wrote:
As a non committer I would like to note that it was easy for me to
search if somebody already submitted a bug I found, and submit a new
patch, it was also trivial to add the for the bugfix and the test. The
only thing which IS still not easy is to find a way to see that patch
appear in Zope itself.
I marked the bug as bug + bugfix but nobody cares. That is much more
discouraging than what I can not do nice wiki links to in my bugreport
other bugtracker items or svn sources like it is possible in trac

Well said. There are people who care. A few of us have biin working through the bugs. I wish more people were. (I'm stuck on a fairly hairy one myself.)

Regardless of what tool we use, we need to be committed to not
letting bug reports languish in the collector.

Personally, I'd like to have a feature freeze until we've cleane dup
*all* of the outstanding bugs, not just the critical ones.

While I'm not against a period of time where we're committed to cleaning out bugs from the tracker, I find myself wondering whether that won't mean an indefinite feature freeze... Will that really get people more motivated to fix bugs?

Better information for both developers and bug submitters and a better way to defer bugs for following releases might give us more flexibility and a better ability to select the issues we consider truly important and might increase our collective memory.

The other suggestion I made elsewhere is the ability for developers to add breaking tests to the codebase (explicitly marked as such, and not normally run). This might make it easier for people who got halfway fixing a bug to let their knowledge not be lost, and might also make it easier for people to find bugs to fix (that already have tests!).


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