Adam Groszer wrote:
> Hello,
> Seems like the svn:external behaves wrong on my win2K box,
> using TortoiseSVN 1.3.5, Build 6804 - 32 Bit:
> If I update
> /src/zope
> using
> svn+ssh://svnzope/repos/main/Zope3/trunk/src/zope
> -- or --
> /src/zope/testing (that's an svn:external in the above tree)
> using
> svn://
> I get a different file and version of
> /src/zope/testing/
> Does just my box behave brain-damaged or was this noticed by somebody
> else also?

While this may not be the expected behaviour, it's certainly the
"correct" one (for some definition of "correct").

The svn:external points to a *specific revision* of zope.testrunner.
That means, when you update the Zope 3 tree, it will checkout/update the
zope.testrunner external to a specific revision.

When you go inside the external, you essentially have a working copy of
that external. When you now do 'svn up', it will think it's on an
out-dated revision (the one that the external points to) and get the
HEAD revision of everything.

I would say that updating an external directly should be considered
harmful with the way subversion behaves currently. If subversion would
actually freeze the external's working copy to that specific revision as
well, then it'd be ok.

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