I'd like to throw a stick in the fire by taking up a completely different issue:

The amount of top level modules and repositories. :-)

if lovely.rating depends on schooltool.something, not only does this
mean any usage of lovely.rating (which I imagine I would like to use)
also needs one module form schooltool. In addition, we have whatever
top level module I choose to use. That involves three different
repositories, mine, zopes and schooltools, and three new toplevel

If I then throw in more modules that have more external dependencies,
this will quickly mushroom. For example, I'd like to use ratings and
tags with zblog. That means I need to involve the codespeak repository
as well, and zblog has it's own top level module. And then I want a
discussion forum (I don't think one of those exists) which presumably
would have another top level module, and maybe another repository, and
maybe more dependencies.

So, what I'm saying is, that I would like to minimize the amount of
top level domains, and external repository dependecies in the zope

That said, I think lovely is a lovely name, and don't at all mind
having that as a common name for useable little modules like the tag
and ratings module. :-)
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