Martijn Faassen wrote:
> Hi there,
> See the following proposal:

+1, as posted in a comment already.

> To be determined is whether we want to keep the rules currently in place
> for the SiteError log and apply them to the error reporting utility as
> well, or remove them for the SiteError log as well. I'd propose the
> latter - it's evidently not an issue that all errors are reported in the
> utility, so why suppress them in the logging?

I'd be fine with that, but we'd still need to filter UserErrors,
NotFound, etc. logged.

UserError is thrown by a piece of software when it wants to know the
user of the application about it (e.g. invalid container names). Such
errors aren't of interest for the system error log, at least not
normally. NotFound errors would occur every time IE tries to find
favicon.ico, so again, not very useful...

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