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this is a rant. I don't want to be destructive or disruptive, but I feel
like I need to turn this up right now.

Let's start with something positive: I love Zope 3. I do. I know it
almost since the beginning and I see how it works out.

But to be honest, I too often get the feeling that something in the
process is wrong and we are failing to acknowledge it or work on it.

I think we make it way to hard for people who want to use Zope 3 as
developers making applications with Zope 3.

Why? Because we keep changing stuff and don't tell people in VERY LARGE
LETTERS about it.

What worries me most is that I, although I'm contributing to Zope 3
every now and then, even fall into this quite often and I'm getting
tired of it.

I can't read every proposal or every commit message or every post on the
mailing list. I try to, but I can't. And I think that normal developers
shouldn't have to try to.

When Philipp explained the zope.component thing in an earlier post I got
annoyed again because I was relying on information that obviously was
false. That's probably my fault because I didn't digg deep enough to
verify the truth whether zope.component.provideUtility works against the
thread local component registry or not. When I saw that
zope.*app*.component does that I got scared because it's so similar and
maybe hard to distinguish.

What I'm worried about is that we have to come up with a *MUCH* better
way to tell people "What is *the single* way to do this or that?" and
"Hey, we used to do it *this* way, but HEADSUP, now it's *that* way!".

Again, maybe I'm only hitting this all the time because I'm living most
of my live on pre-release-branches or the trunk, but still.

I think if Zope 3 shall be used by many people, this is a major obstacle.

I hope I don't annoy anybody, but I had to get that off my mind.


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